Commercial agreements

Our experience of Swedish as well as international contract arrangements means we can provide strategic advice for your entire business, including its day-to-day operations. Our advice includes drafting, reviewing and negotiating all types of commercial agreements, including:

  • general terms and conditions,

  • purchase agreements, manufacturing agreements and supply agreements,

  • joint venture agreements,

  • license agreements,

  • service agreements,

  • outsourcing agreements,

  • co-operation agreements,

  • non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements,

  • transport agreements,

  • sub-supplier agreements,

  • distribution agreements,

  • franchise agreements, and

  • shareholders’ agreements.

Corporate and M&A

We advise on all aspects of deal-making, including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, dispositions and exits, with experience from transactions in most sectors.

We manage cross-border transactions typically covering multiple jurisdictions.

We work with you from the initial planning and negotiation stage through to the implementation of due diligence processes, to drafting and negotiating transaction-related agreements, as well as the subsequent integration of the acquired businesses.

We support you to set up and establish your company, carry out a new issue of shares or redeem shares. We also help you to draft and negotiate shareholders' and joint venture agreements.

Employment law

We can guide you through:

  • reorganizations,

  • dismissals and terminations,

  • contract drafting,

  • occupational safety and health,

  • trade secret law issues,

  • violation of non-compete and solicitation undertakings,

  • discrimination issues,

  • union consultations/negotiations,

  • corporate acquisitions, and

  • transfer of undertakings, including outsourcing.